Mountaineering is the oldest and most complete of mountain sports. It could be defined as the action of climbing mountains, but always out of a desire to improve, as a response to a different personal impulse in each one or for the pleasure of reaching a peak and observing the terrain that opens before the eyes.

Despite the fact that man has had to climb mountains since ancient times, mountaineering as a sport arises when it begins to practice not as an obligation, but to satisfy the concerns of those who practice it. This change occurs at the end of the XNUMXth century when a group of Englishmen traveled to the Alps with the focus of exploring the unknown until then. In a short time, the Alps were a meeting place for those who wanted to "climb mountains" for the simple pleasure of climbing them.

Little by little the Alpinism has been evolving, up to the current concept. Today the good mountaineer must know ski mountaineering, rock climbing, ice or mixed terrain (one that combines rock and ice), but must also have notions of orientation.

mountaineering in the Aragonese Pyrenees

We propose you:

guided winter climbs the Pyrenees

Winter Ascents

The snow transforms the mountains. This phenomenon of nature, although some do not do more than give headaches, it attracts us and makes the possibilities of enjoying in the mountains multiply.



From the end of autumn to the middle of June, that is, just over half of the year, the Pyrenees offer a completely different aspect to the one they offer us in summer, great itineraries of ice and snow.


North Faces

For experienced mountaineers, who want to undertake the most mythical peaks of the Pyrenees for their most magical and beautiful routes, such as their North faces.

ice climbing course guias de torla

Ice climbing

The winter in the Pirinéos, it leaves us landscapes of snow and ice, the short days and the intense cold allow us to carry out an activity of maximum symbiosis with the environment: the ice climbing.

escursion snowshoes torla guides

Snow rackets

A snowshoe excursion is also a fun way to spend a sunny winter day, walking as if we were huge penguins and sliding downhill on the snow.

Mountain ski course guides torla

Mountain Ski

The Crossing Skiing discovers a new way to enjoy the mountain; With a good physical condition we will be able to make the best ascents to the three-thousanders of the Pyrenees and enjoy a spectacular descent.