The Cross Mountain Ski in the valley of Tena, Ordesa and Pirineos is in clear expansion. Numerous track skiers or summers mountaineers are discovering the pleasures of gliding with cross-country skiing through the Tena Valley or Pyrenees.

With a good physical condition we can perform the best Ascents to the tresmiles of the Pyrenees and enjoy a spectacular descent.

With a medium or low physical form, numerous peaks of two thousand meters in the valley of Tena, Ordesa or the Pyrenees are within our reach with mountain skiing. We have beautiful itineraries to do with the help of mountain skis. We offer you ascents to the most emblematic peaks of the National Park; Marboré, Monte Perdido, Punta de las Olas, Taillón ... El Aneto It is a classic of cross-country skiing. There are numerous descents of varied levels, trust your safety to one of our guides, you will learn and enjoy every turn.

Discover with our guides the solitude and charm of the valleys and Pyrenean peaks.

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