Snowshoes in Pyrenees. Today they have evolved in such a way that walking on snow with snowshoes in the Pyrenees, has become a highly extended winter modality. The National Park of Ordesa and Monte Perdido, it is without a doubt one of the best destinations thanks to its fabulous tour of waterfalls towards the ponytail. The valley of Bujaruelo will surprise us with its wild life in the solanas.

El Valley of Tena It has sunny places with friendly and collected routes. Torla Guides-Ordesa has Snowshoe excursions in the guided Pyrenees to enjoy with family and friends. We propose you from tours for all audiences up to Ascents and crossings to different peaks of a day of duration.

The excursions with rackets of snow in the Pyrenees that we propose allow you to enjoy the winter mountain while the guide adorns you with technical explanations about fauna, flora and geology the wonderful landscape. We will immerse ourselves in a fascinating environment where we will enjoy a surprising way of spectacular scenarios in the company of a professional. We will walk by valleys, mountains, waterfalls and frozen lakes, helped by the same gadgets that our ancestors already used more than 5.000 years ago.


The snow rackets adapt to any type of boot. They serve to walk without sinking practically in the snow and to be able to enjoy the mountain under the rigors of the winter. It is recommended to use mountain footwear as well as mountain trousers and it may be necessary (depending on the type of snow) to have leggings (not mandatory).

The snow rackets that we will use are made of plastic and are attached to the foot to distribute the weight.

The snowshoes have crampons or blades in the sole to be able to walk on hard snow or ice. The snowshoes will be a great ally for any mountain route through uncertain snowy terrain. Snowshoes have a rear lift to help the user face the slopes.

snowshoes in the Pyrenees

Excursions with snowshoes in the Pyrenees: