The snow transforms the mountains. This phenomenon of nature, although some do not do more than give headaches, it attracts us and makes the possibilities of enjoying in the mountains multiply; runners, ice cascades, descents with cross-country skis, snowshoe climbs ...

But let us not be fooled, the snow must be known and if we find it in a High Mountain terrain it is not enough just to know it, we must adapt our activities and progression to its peculiar whims.

Guided activities in winter take on another nuance: the obligation to tie in many of the climbs, the use of specific progression techniques in snowy terrain, meteorology ... all this makes the safety and training of a mountaineer take on a greater dimension.

In the Guides Company of Torla-Ordesa we offer you our services as High Mountain Guides so you can face these challenges with greater security; we like to drive all those people who trust us to the most emblematic roofs of our Pyrenean mountain range and the Alps.

guided ascension in Christmas

We propose you:

Ascent to the Guided Winter Aneto

Enjoy the spectacular nature of our biggest snow-covered peak.

Ascent to the Guided Winter Lost Mount

Enjoying the solitude under the beauty of the snow is something you will not regret.

Ascent to the Vignemale Winter two days Guided

Let our guides show you the best of this snow-covered paradise.