Mountain or cross-country skiing baptism

If you are looking to discover mountain skiing or cross-country skiing, mountain skiing or cross-country skiing is your ideal formula. We will make an exit for an ideal environment to know and develop the minimum contents to enjoy your baptism in this beautiful activity.

It is a mountain skiing course summarized to the minimum expression in which we can not pretend to leave it as instructed in this complex modality. The high mountain guide who will teach this baptism will try in a summarized way to discover the minimum necessary to develop the activity with safety and enjoyment for all the participants.


baptism of ski montana or travesia

Remember that it will be necessary to have a minimum level of alpine skiing in order to enjoy this product. Mountain skis are somewhat more flexible than ski skis and we usually ski lower on the ski skate.

If you have doubts about your possibilities, you may be interested in improvement course in technique of descent in all types of snow.

We must be aware that the baptism ski mountain or crossing is done in the mountains so it will be necessary to offer minimum guarantees of descent on your part.

Areas that we can visit are :

  • Valley of Otal in Bujaruelo.
  • Pelupin Peak in Ordesa.
  • Canal de Izas in Valle de Tena.
  • Valley of Aneu or Peyrelue in Portalet.
  • Pine forests of Paderna in Benasque valley.

Our basic objectives will be:

  • Try to spend a great mountain day.
  • That you learn to walk the winter mountain with maximum security.
  • Knowledge and risk prevention.
  • Reaching a small summit can be a solid objective without obsessing about it.

In general what we intend during this day is that you enjoy the wonderful world of the winter mountain. The activity will have a component of course but always giving priority to the dynamism to be able to be warm and to realize a mini activity. It is advisable to have experience in winter mountain but not essential to take part in this outing.

To prepare or acquire new knowledge for your baptism mountain skiing or crossing you can consult our mountaineering courses.

DURATION 6 a 8 Hora.
DATES Winter. Autumn and spring according to conditions.
BUSINESS HOURS  Approx from 8 am to 16 pm.
PLACE Any area of ​​the Pyrenees is susceptible to being skied.
RATIO It is developed with a maximum of 6 person.

What's included?

  • Organization and management in addition to all the necessary information.
  • 21% VAT
  • High Mountain Sports Technician.
  • Part of the technical material that may be necessary (technical ice axes, crampons, harness, helmet, ropes ...).
  • Management and discounts on the rental of ski equipment.
  • ARVA, Shovel and Probe.
  • Small and dynamic group.
  • Discount in other activities.
  • Insurance of Civil Liability and Accidents.

What do you need to bring?

  • Appropriate clothing and footwear is necessary (ask about recommendations).
  • Fitted gloves and other sheltered mountain or ski type.
  • Feather-type jacket or warm fiber.
  • Vehicle with snow wheel or chains (just in case, the road has ongoing maintenance).
  • Hat.
  • Thermos for hot drink.
  • Preferably trousers gore-tex or mountain laminated failing.
  • Gore-tex type jacket.
  • Sunglasses.
  • Blizzard glasses.
  • Canes.
  • Skis, skins, and mountain ski boots (we can facilitate the rental).
  • Mountain backpack with possibility of carrying skis.
  • Sunscreen.
  • Mountain food
  • To formalize the reservation you must make an economic income of 40% of the total or provide the card number and expiration date.
  • Rest of the payment 24h before the development of the same.
  • It is ideal to approach the previous day by the company, we will meet you and we will show you a full report of the activity and we will solve any doubt that may arise.
  • Registration and Insurance.
  • Presentation of the Guide
  • Development of the activity.
  • Return to Torla.
baptism of ski montana or travesia
Snowshoes in Bujaruelo
guided ascension bridge of the immaculate
guided ascension bridge of the immaculate
snowshoes in benasque
mountain ski course
montana ski course on the bridge of the immaculate


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