Gorge or Barranco Furco

Practice canyoning in the Furco it is a pleasure. It is a highly recommended descent for being very spectacular. It should be noted its varied and balanced layout. This cannon is suitable for people without previous experience but who seek greater emotions than in a basic descent.

Downhill ravine Furco in Torla

It is located just 4 km from Torla. In 1 / 2 day we will enjoy a pure and very complete descent. The approach and return to the car are immediate but it should be noted that it is necessary not to have vertigo.

With a spectacular start, it has two waterfalls at the beginning that introduce us to a circus. After this passage, small ledges surrounded by vegetation lead us to the most boxed area. It is possible to make a jump of 8 meters (optional and replaceable by a long super fun slide), two waterfalls and a beautiful final rappel by waterfall.

This canyon is perfect for friends who do not have much experience in Canyoning and who are looking for adrenaline.

For those who want a little more adventure and enjoy Canyoning throughout the day, we propose a combination of this ravine with another level 1, the Gloces canyon (on the same day) with a very interesting price of 67 euros. You start with the Las Gloces ravine in the morning because it is the easiest. And then in the afternoon we eat a sandwich and do the Furco in the afternoon. This combination is very interesting because it allows you to mix beauty with adventure. It also allows you to go from a level 1 to a level 2 in the same day.



DURATION About 2 hours inside the ravine. 1/2 day.
DATES From April to October.
RAPINGS AND JUMPS 3 rappels from 12m to 25m in height, a 7m jump and several slides.
RATIO 8 people maximum per guide.

What's included?

  • Organization and management in addition to all the necessary information.
  • 21 VAT%.
  • Equipment: Helmet, Full Harness, Booties, Neoprene Suit 2 pieces of 5mm and Collective Material of Security and Progression. Backpack and Jerrycan in full day ravines to carry the food.
  • Sports Technician in Barrancos.
  • Small and dynamic group.
  • Transportation in van 9 seats subject to availability.
  • Photo-video report (The Guides Company of Torla is not responsible in case of loss, forgetting, breakage of the camera or other incidents).
  • Discount in other activities.
  • Insurance of Civil Liability and Accidents.

What do you need to bring?

Swimsuit; We will use it under the neoprene (better to wear). Before putting on the neoprene, we use it for the approach and then for the return to the car.

Footwear; It does not have to be mountain specific, but the ravines slide and it is advised not to be very deteriorated. Better to be closed and with laces (avoid velcros). Bring spare shoes to change at the end of the activity.

Neoprene underwear; Some Mayas or a T-shirt, of course, that are synthetic (not cotton), for the coolest, it is recommended.

Towel; To dry off and change clothes at the end of the activity.

Dry clothes of replacement.

For those who wear glasses It is advisable to wear them with a strap or go without them.

For those who wear contact lenses It is advisable to wear swimming goggles for jumps or slides. A memory card or a USB to take your souvenir photos.

We have a van assigned to water activities, if you are busy you will need your vehicle for the trip to the activity. You will have to follow the guide.

  • To make the reservation, an economic income of 40% of the total must be made.
  • Rest of the payment 24h before the development of the same. GENERAL CONDITIONS
  • It is ideal to approach the previous day by the company, we will meet you and we will show you a full report of the activity and we will solve any doubt that may arise.
  • Registration and Insurance.
  • Presentation of the Guide.
  • Distribution of material.
  • Transfer in van 9 seats subject to availability.
  • Development of the activity.
  • Return to Torla.
  • Recording your Report in the Office.
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