Ascent to the Lost Mount Winter

La Guided Ascent to the Winter Lost Mount is a good mountain activity where we can enjoy their solitude without the crowds of summer, is something we can not forget.

The Ascension with guidance to Monte Perdido is one of the classics of our area, the National Park of Ordesa and Monte Perdido, being the highest peak of the massif with 3355mts.

It should be noted that while the famous Spittoon this upholstered with snow, we must consider the ascent as winter. Whenever the snow covers the mountain in its normal route, it will be necessary to use crampons, ice ax and rope.

In winter conditions (with snow in the mountains), we have 2 options to perform the Ascent to Monte Perdido with a guide, in 1 day or in 2 days sleeping in the Refuge of Goriz.

Ascension in 1 journey

The climb can be done on 1 day with the support of 4 × 4 provided that the "Cutas" forest track is passable, normally in the spring months.

While the snow is above the 2200 / 2300mts we can perform the approximation in 4 × 4 to realize the Ascension in 1 only day.

We have access to a restricted access forest trail, which is why we made the approach with our 4 × 4. The call track of the Cutas to the viewpoints of Ordesa by which we will arrive until the 2150mts.

From there on a path with little unevenness we planted in the vicinity of Refuge of Goriz in 1h and ½. Leaving the ascent in 1350mts of altitude approx. With what we saved the approximation of the first day by the Valley of Ordesa and the night in Goriz.

Ascension in 2 days

If, on the other hand, the snow has already reached low levels and prevents us from making the approach in the 4 × 4, we will make the ascent in 2 days.

On the first day, we will ascend through the valley floor from the Meadow of Ordesa. We will go through the Horse tail and Pegs of Salarons until the Refuge of Goriz. We will stay in it and enjoy the comfort of a mountain refuge.

On the second day we will go up and down again to the Parquing de la Pradera.

If you want to gain autonomy to make your own ascensions safely you may be interested COURSE INITIATION TO ALPINISMO

guided ascent to the lost winter mountain

DURATION 1 or 2 days.
DATES It depends on the snow conditions.
SCHEDULE Morning and afternoon.
PLACE Torla - Ordesa.
AGE Older than 14 years.
MAXIMUM RATIO 3 people / guide.

What includes?

  • Organization and management in addition to all the necessary information.
  • Senior Sports Technician in High Mountain - High Mountain Sports Technician.
  • Specific technical material (harness, ice ax, crampons, ... ..).
  • It DOES NOT include the Arva equipment in case it is necessary (we can manage the rental of it with a discount).
  • Small and dynamic group.
  • Transport in 4 × 4 or van 9 seats subject to availability.
  • Insurance of Civil Liability and Accidents.
  • 21% VAT

  • 2 CLASS ASCENSION: normal routes to summits where the use of rope is necessary and in which the guide can guarantee the safety of a maximum of three people ..
Ascent Mount Lost Winter Guided
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Ascent to the lost mountain with winter guide
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