High Mountain Technification Course in La Inmaculada

The high mountain technification course will help you manage risk. We will take advantage of the 4 days that the Immaculate Bridge offers us to develop this extensive and productive course.

In the high mountains, sometimes to be able to undertake ascents with some "climb" or climbing passage, it is necessary to know and control a series of basic techniques and maneuvers.

The ascent and descent over steep terrain unfortunately always involves a lot of exposure. During the immaculate in the high mountain technification course we will teach you to manage technical activities in the mountains.


high mountain technification course

Objectives of the Technification Course

  • Initiate the uninitiated in climbing.
  • Consolidate everyone's climbing knowledge safely.
  • Consolidate the completion of multi-pitch itineraries in complete safety.
  • Strengthen impeccable preparation / management prior to the activity.
  • Know techniques to solve difficult steps with artificial techniques.
  • Achieve total autonomy for climbing participants and maximum effectiveness and efficiency in steep mountain terrain.
  • Reading and correct interpretation of sketches and reviews.
  • Acquire ease by moving the rope in mountain and ridge terrain (meteorology, loss of route, accident, etc).

Requirements to participate in the technification course

  • Reading a climbing initiation manual is recommended to assimilate the course contents more quickly. (contact us and we recommend one).
  • Good physical shape.
  • Knowledge if possible (they are taught but if you come with the eight, dynamic and clove hitch, then better).
  • Degree of climbing is not necessary but it is recommended not to have vertigo on slopes.
  • Being able to carry a backpack with about 8 kilos during 2 hours of hiking in the mountains.
  • Wanting to learn to move vertically.
  • It is recommended (not essential) to have done some rock climbing initiation course.
  • Consult with one of our guides before making any reservation he will describe you.
  • The company has CR insurance and assistance so it is not necessary to be federated but it is always recommended.

Duration of the technification course
2, 3 or 4 days. Days of about 8 hours being possible that these are lengthened or shortened depending on various factors (meteorology, logistics ...), always in this case it will be compensated in another day of the course.

Place of development of the Technification Course

  • The courses are developed in places of minimum approximation that meet the best conditions.
  • Spanish geography;

As we anticipated previously, the courses are developed in diverse mountain systems of your choice;

  • Gredos; Taking the Elola refuge as our base of operations, from the vicinity of the Big Lagoon we will go to Almanzor, Morezón, Cuchillar de la Navajas de Ballesteros.
  • Madrid; The usual development areas of Peñalara, Zabala and two sister may be replaced by the northern area of ​​the Cabezas de Hierro if conditions so require.
  • Pyrenees; Taking as a base the valleys of Bohí Tahul, Ull de Ter, Benasque, Ordesa, Valle de Tena or Belagua, we will recommend one place or another depending on your origin and the snow-meteorological conditions.

Ratio for the development of an initiation mountaineering course

1 teacher for a maximum of 4 students.

What's included?

  • Advice, organization and management of the activity.
  • High Mountain and Climbing Guide.
  •  Specific technical material (harness and helmet) perfectly approved by the CE and the UIAA.
  • CR insurance and assistance.
  • It does not include everything that is not reflected in this section.
  • CR and Accident insurance.
  • 21% VAT

Not Included:

  • Accommodation (we can help by recommending a place for you).
  • Transportation (we can coordinate the participants to minimize costs).
  • Lunch and dinner (The normal thing is that we make pineapple and finish together).
  • Specific climbing equipment for this course.
  • Personal material.
  • Anything else not specified in the "Includes" section.

  • Review of basic techniques and knowledge. Climbing material and knots. Gestural technique and progression technique. Strategy. Pick-ups, assembly and disassembly. Resources and problem solving. Rappelling. Meetings.

    Anchor placement.

    Assembly of meetings.

    Assurance systems.

    Rope progression systems.

    Rope guidance

    Planning and management of activities.

    Basic notions of self-rescue.


What should you contribute?

  • Personal belongings: appropriate clothing for the moment (light and comfortable) and always long or pirate pants (depending on the time), sunglasses, sunscreen, raincoat, the development environments are always warm in the mountains.
  • Sportswear that does not constrict and is not bulky.
  • 40 -50 l backpack.
  • Sports footwear for the approach (shoe or treeking boot).
  • 1 liter of water minimum.
  • Attack meal (dried fruit bars), lunch and some fruit.
  • Personal first-aid kit with some plaster, betadine, some gauze and some anti-inflammatory ... (what each one is used to using before a small scratch).
  • Headlamp in use and spare batteries.
  • Notebook to take a note and a pen.
  • Cat feet.
  • Climbing helmet.
  • Climbing harness.
  • Multichain with safety carabiner.
  • Reverse or ATC.
  • Magnesium bag.
  • 6 safety carabiners. 2 of them HMS.
  • 2 ropes 60 meters (we will put you in contact with other participants to share).
  • Friends game.
  • Crackers game.
  • Crackers.
  • 10 express tapes.
  • 2 sewn ribbon rings 60cms.
  • 2 ribbon rings 120cms.
  • 2 pieces of cord 7 mm (5 0 6 mm if it is kevlar or aramid) of 1,5 m.
  • 1 piece of cord 7 mm (5 0 6 mm if it is kevlar or aramid) of 4 m.
  • Micro traxion (optional).
  • Optional ribbon stirrup.
  • If some material is missing we can try to leave it to you. If you need advice on the purchase, contact us.
high mountain technification course
high mountain technification course


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