Mountaineering course Reyes in Valle de Tena, Ordesa and Pirineos

We propose this climbing course Reyes in Valle de Tena, Ordesa and Pirineos on an ideal date.

The 2, 3, 4 and 5 days of January, we have programmed a Mountaineering course in kings. Our field of action will be Ordesa and the nearby Valle de Tena.. We make different groups according to the knowledge of the participants.

While other mountaineering courses tend to focus on the use of crampons and ice axes, we previously developed in a classroom with the help of PC, blackboard and internet all those essential contents; plan your outings, mountain weather, snow bulletins, basic orientation applied to winter mountains, clothing and equipment…. These will be some of the sections that we will dismember in our 20th campaign with our renewed mountaineering course.

kings mountaineering course


The course

It is a complete course where you will learn the techniques necessary to perform runners and ascents safely. We will study the use and handling of ropes, belays, as well as individual, group and safety techniques.

We have a class of training to be able to develop theoretical contents with the help of the PC. You will learn how to plan your winter mountain outings safely and from home.

Another part of the course takes place in the middle of the mountain, where we will practice different techniques. On the last day we will make a real exit where you will put into practice everything learned in both theoretical and practical classes.

It is a autonomy in mountain winterl where it is not necessary to have experience. Discover security techniques to progress in snowy and steep terrain together with our guides.

Mountaineering courses

We will develop content such as;

Cartography, nivology, weather forecasts and types of snow that we can find, use of technical equipment such as crampons, ice axes and ropes for progression and safety, as well as the use of Arva to search for avalanche victims, are several of the contents You will find in our Course of Alpinism.

! Give yourself a mountaineering course with us and learn in a fun and entertaining way to get involved in the winter mountain!

If you already have a mountaineering course and want to improve your technique you can do the mountaineering course perfecting

Typical mountaineering terrain;

What's included?

  • Organization and management in addition to all the necessary information of the courses.
  • High Mountain Sports Technician UIAGM - High Mountain Sports Technician.
  • Specific technical material:
    • Common Material (strings, express tapes, stakes, anchors ....).
    • Material Individual Security (Arnes, Helmet).
    • Material Progression (Classic axes and technical mallet, Grivel crampons).
  • Documentation of the course in computer support.
  • Diploma of good use of the course.
  • Cd content, projection of conditions and diploma of use.
  • Transport in 4 × 4 or van 9 seats subject to availability.
  • CR and Accident insurance.
  • 21% VAT

  • Equipment and material
  • Basic orientation.
  • Knowledge of the environment and risk prevention.
  • Elementary Nivology.
  • Ice ax techniques.
  • Crampons techniques.
  • Self detention
  • Knots
  • Anchors in snow
  • Roped.
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