Otal Valley - Otal Neck - Fenez

Within the Sector Bujaruelo Valley, after accessing the cabin Otal in 4 × 4, we will go back to the Neck of Otal to 2.300 meters for pastures with great unevenness. As he Ordesa Valley like all the massif of Monte Perdido, they rise exuberant before us, not leaving us indifferent to their majestic views. A long stop will be mandatory to delight our pupils before embarking on the way back to Fenez descending a path that goes down the ravine.

Traverse Otal-Fenez

DURATION 7 hours. (1h with 4 × 4 and 6h walking).
DATES All year.
BUSINESS HOURS Morning and afternoon.
PLACE Pyrenees. Bujaruelo Valley
MINIMUM GROUP 5 people to maintain the rate.

What's included?

  • 21% VAT
  • Advice, weather information, route information, organization and management of the activity,
  • Mountain guides qualified and knowledgeable about the place.
  • Civil Liability Insurance and assistance.
  • Free photographic report that can later be picked up by the Torla store, with a
  • USB or own storage system.
  • Do not include any other unspecified concept

What do you need to bring?

  • You need proper clothes and footwear
  • It is advisable to bring canes
  • To formalize the reservation you must make an economic income of 40% of the TOTAL AMOUNT OF THE ACTIVITY or, provide the card number and expiration date (in which nothing would be charged, it would only be as a guarantee of reservation or, it would apply in case of cancellation of it).
  • The rest of the payment, 24h would be made before the development of the activity or, in cash, the same day of the activity.
  • It is ideal to approach the previous day by the company to meet us, we will show you a full report of the activity and we will solve any doubt that may arise.
  • Registration and Insurance.
  • Presentation of the Guide
  • Distribution of material if necessary
  • Development of the activity.
  • Return to Torla.
  • Recording your Report in the Office
Crossing Otal-Fenez


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