The mountaineering courses are one of our star proposals during the winter season. We put at your disposal adequate facilities and a highly qualified staff to develop all those contents of vital importance.

Our Mountaineering Initiation Courses in Ordesa and the Pyrenees are designed for any mountaineer who wishes to enter the world of the winter mountain with knowledge and safety.

We have an aula of training to be able to develop theoretical contents with the help of the PC that will serve as a base in your future outings. You will learn how to plan your winter mountain outings safely and from home.

It is a course of autonomy in winter mountain in which it is not necessary to have experience in mountain with snow. Discover the safety techniques to progress on snowy and steep terrain with our guides.

We will develop content such as;

Cartography, nivology, weather forecasts and types of snow that we can find, use of technical equipment such as crampons, ice axes and ropes for progression and safety, as well as the use of Arva to search for avalanche victims, are several of the contents you will find our Climbing Course in Pyrenees.

Start the winter season training to enjoy after your winter mountain activities with knowledge and safety. This winter prepare your activities!

We try to develop them in the surroundings of Torla, Ordesa and Bujaruelo, although we will always depend on weather conditions and inundation.

Below you can see the mountaineering courses we offer. To obtain a more complete information request the corresponding dossier through email.

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Mountaineering courses


Mountaineering Initiation Course

Learn the keys of mountaineering with the best experts.
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Mountaineering Improvement Course

Perfect your mountaineering techniques with the best experts.

Winter Mountain Course (2, 3 or 4 days)

Learn the keys of mountaineering with the best experts.