In Guias de Torla we offer kayak courses for all levels, from those that you want to start in this discipline of whitewater, going through those that already have some experience and want to improve the reading of rivers and their currents or your technique, courses of "esquimotaje", or for the most expert who want to introduce themselves in the "extreme" techniques of waterfall jumps.

We offer you from private classes from 2 to 4h, 2 to 4 days initiation course, 3 days improvement course, 2 days master course and the 2 days end course.

kayak courses rio esara campo


Kayak Initiation Course

Aimed at people who want to have a first contact with this world.

Perfect Kayak Course

Courses at hours. For those who already have experience and want to improve.

Master kayak

For already experienced kayakers who want to go further.

Extreme Kayak

This course is for extreme kayakers who want to take one more step ...