Mountain skiing or skimo course

Our ski mountaineering or skimo course is the ideal tool for those skiers looking for freedom. Escaping the hustle and bustle of the slopes and enjoying the snow in solitude will reveal a different winter in the Pyrenees.

We will sink less in the snow, we will tire less and we will move more quickly. It is well known that in winter, speed is synonymous with safety.

The ski mountaineering or skimo course is designed to know and learn the secrets of ski mountaineering in the Pyrenees. The rigors of the cold in the Pyrenees usually favor the arrival of good snowfalls that guarantee a good snow cover to successfully develop these mountain ski courses during the fall, winter and spring. Preferably, and unless snow and weather conditions indicate otherwise, our mountain skiing course at Puente de la Inmaculada will take place in the Tena Valley.

mountain skiing or skimo courseWe usually choose easily accessible valleys and return to the parking place of the vehicles. These are common places to practice beginner skiing.

We will advise you on renting the material for the mountain skiing or skimo course. Ask us! Not all mountain boots and skis are for everyone. There are rentals where you can find very good prices.

Depending on your level of off-piste skiing, it may be advisable to freeride previous course.

You will enjoy one of the best spots in Europe.

mountain ski or skimo course

Freeride course

Learn about high mountain snow and how to slide through it.

mountain ski course

Mountain Skiing initiation course

Intensive skimo course so that you can do your first basic level outings independently.

mountain ski improvement course

Mountain Skiing Improvement Course

We will tackle steeper slopes both up and down.