Our mountaineering course in the Pyrenees is a benchmark in winter training. Some of the Senior Sports Technicians (TD3) and High Mountain Technicians (TD2), have worked in the guide school, others have trained mountain rescue groups and others have a remarkable mountaineering resume. After 24 winter campaigns teaching this mountaineering course in the Pyrenees, we begin this season with the excitement of the first day. Our backpack is loaded with experience to distribute among mountain people.

The pressing climate change, the rise in temperatures with the associated increase in the limit of regular snowfall make the Pyrenees, and more specifically the valleys of Bujaruelo, Tena and Benasque, a guarantee when planning your mountaineering courses in the Pyrenees. We also work in the Bohí Taull Valley, the Ull de Ter Valley and the Navarro Pyrenees.

It may be advisable (not required) to carry out a rock climbing course to learn basic rope handling.

You can find out the prevailing conditions in the area with our Cebollar meteorology station.

Choose your option

Initiation Mountaineering Course

Take the jump to the winter mountain with us and discover Mountaineering.

Improvement Mountaineering Course

Perfect your mountaineering progression and progress towards autonomy on routes AD to D.

Advanced Mountaineering Course

Climb very difficult routes through this Advanced Mountaineering course.


Different destinations

Plan your course with us. If finally there are no good conditions or weather we will try to locate you wherever the mountain is best.

Make your investment profitable.

We will make the most of time from minute zero.

Development sites.

We always choose the development areas that work best.

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Human team

We will cover you from the first step towards the mountain.

Passion for the mountain

In our training trips we are driven by passion.