Take mountain skiing courses and go to the mountains to enjoy the snow and the solitude of winter in the Pyrenees.

We will sink less in the snow, we will tire less and we will move faster. It is common knowledge that in winter, speed is synonymous with safety.

The mountain ski courses are designed to know and learn the secrets of skiing in the Pyrenees. The rigors of the cold in the Pyrenees usually favor the arrival of good snowfalls that guarantee a good blanket of snow to successfully develop these ski courses in the fall, winter and spring. Preferably and unless the conditions of snow and meteorology indicate otherwise, our mountain skiing course at the Immaculate Bridge will take place in the Tena Valley.

We usually choose easily accessible valleys and return to the parking place of the vehicles. These are common places to practice beginner skiing.

This year and exclusively, thanks to a mutual collaboration agreement. We will have the best mountain ski equipment from the hand of GORGOL in the valley of Tena. They will apply significant discounts on rent and repair of material to our participants of courses and mountain skiing trips.

mountain skiing courses


Mountain skiing or crossing initiation course

Mountain Skiing Initiation Course

Learn the keys of mountain skiing with the best experts.
mountain skiing perfecting course

Mountain skiing perfection course

Perfect your skiing techniques with the best experts.