Not everything in the canyon descents It's water, pools and waterfalls. Both in cold seasons, or when the water ravines are very strong or just to enjoy the beauty of the erosion of the rocks, we can make dry ravines.

These ravines have been excavated and eroded by the water over the years leaving passageways, vaulted rooms, circuses or wonderful amphitheatres through which we can walk and where there used to be waterfalls, descend rappelling without the worry of water. Ravines of all levels, from initiation, to ravines of greater importance where it will be necessary to know the abseiling technique.

Our Proposals

Metil Dry Ravine

It is an affluent of the canyon of the Viandico in its high part.

Basender dry ravine

Basander Canyon is perhaps the best known dry gully.

Dry canyon Portiacha

It is located at 1 hour and 30m de Torla in the municipality of Lecina