Level 1 canyons

The descent of ravines in the surroundings of Ordesa offers multiple possibilities thanks to the Pyrenean calcareous. No previous experience is required. In the Level 1 ravines we can enjoy the activity whatever our level.

Families with children will also find their ideal activity at this level. Jumps, slides, rappels ... can be avoided in some of these ravines.

These cannons they are ravines of initiation apt for all the publics. Fun as a first contact with this sport modality, where higher jumps are never mandatory and abseiling can be optional in any of them. They can be half day, Gloces, Viandico ... or full day as the Mirabal. Maximum number of participants per 8 guide.

Video of Barrancos with family and other family activities that may interest you:


Level 1 Canyons: Our Proposals

Barranco de Las Gloces

The Las Gloces ravine is level 1 and is located in the Sierra de Guara.

Barranco del Miraval

The Miraval ravine is level 1 and is located in the Tella-Sin area.

Barranco del Viandico

The ravine of the Viandico is 1 level and is located in the Añisclo canyon.

Barranco El Gorgol

The El Gorgol ravine is family level 1, located in the Tena valley.