In numerous descents of first level we will be able to avoid the rappels, in the ravines of level 2 they are usually more abundant, of greater height and obligatory. Suitable for those people who, although they have never done a canyon descent, have a more adventurous nature. This is usually the recommended level to have a dose of fun in its fair measure.

Some of them can be done without previous experience, abstaining people with a lot of vertigo. We will find rappels, jumps and slides adorned with beautiful contrasts of light.

These ravines can be for half a day, such as Furco, or full day as Place-Escuain u Ordiso.


Our Proposals

Furco Ravine

The Furco ravine is level 2 and is located 4Km from Torla

Throat or Barranco de Ordiso

The ravine of Ordiso is of 2 level and is located in Bujaruelo

Barranco Escuaín

Barranco Escuaín Located on the periphery of the Ordesa National Park, Escuain is a gorge to enjoy a great

Barranco Aigüeta de Barbaruens

Located near the town of Seira.

Barranco Os'Lucas

The Os'Lucas ravine is a fun and aesthetically beautiful ravine.

Barranco del Forcos

The Forcos ravine is a different ravine in each of its sections.

Boca del Infierno Ravine

The Barranco Boca del Infierno is located in the Echo Valley.

Ravine Foz de Fago

It is a beautiful ravine with vaulted rooms, rock arches ...

Siresa Ravine

It is a beautiful ravine located in the Hecho Valley.