In numerous descents of first level we will be able to avoid the rappels, in the ravines of level 2 they are usually more abundant, of greater height and obligatory. Suitable for those people who, although they have never done a canyon descent, have a more adventurous nature. This is usually the recommended level to have a dose of fun in its fair measure.

Some of them can be done without previous experience, abstaining people with a lot of vertigo. We will find rappels, jumps and slides adorned with beautiful contrasts of light.

These ravines can be for half a day, such as Furco, or full day as Place-Escuain u Ordiso.


Our Proposals

Furco Ravine

The furco of Furco is of level 2 and is located to 4Km of Torla

Throat or Barranco de Ordiso

The ravine of Ordiso is of 2 level and is located in Bujaruelo

Barrancos del Lugar and Escuaín

The Barranco del Lugar and Escuaín is located in the National Park of Ordesa

Barranco Aigüeta de Barbaruens

Located near the town of Seira.

Barranco Os'Lucas

The Os'Lucas ravine is a ravine very similar to Furco.

Barranco del Forcos

The Forcos ravine is a different ravine in each of its sections.

Boca del Infierno Ravine

The Barranco Boca del Infierno is located in the Echo Valley.

Ravine Foz de Fago

It is a beautiful ravine with vaulted rooms, rock arches ...

Siresa Ravine

It is a beautiful ravine located in the Hecho Valley.