The peripheral zone of the National Park of Ordesa and Monte Perdido, has, in its different slopes, numerous ravines of maximum level. To be able to descend these complex routes, a solid experience in the descent of ravines is necessary.

The Torla Guides we apply a reduced ratio of 4 people for guidance in this level of descent. We select the participants based on their experience. In this type of ravines can be forced to jump or descend in slide certain passages without alternative option.

For lovers of this sport that have already made several descents with the Company Guides Torla. They require a good rappel and jump technique.

Characteristics of the Ravines 4 Level:

  • Several jumps; good disposition when jumping.
  • Longest and technical slides.
  • Strips from 30m to 50m; you have to master the abseiling technique.
Canyoning of Level 4 in Ordesa and the Pyrenees

Our Proposals

Gorge or Barranco del Sorrosal

The Barranco del Sorrosal is level 4 and is located 5 minutes from Torla.

Barranco del Cebollar and Salto del Carpín

The Barranco del Cebollar and Salto del Carpín is level 4 and is located in the Bujaruelo valley.
Barranco La Larri in Pineta

Barranco La Larri

Barranco La Larri is level 4 and is located in the Pineta Valley.