GUIDED CLIMBING NOVEMBER 1- 4: Crestas Cregueña, Llosas, Salenques ...

November, 2018

01NovAll dayGUIDED CLIMBING 1- 4 NOVEMBER: Cregueña Crests, Llosas, Salenques ...Guided climbing November bridge

Event Details

This November bridge we propose to say goodbye to the high mountain until winter settles on them all over the top! The offer is open to those who want to climb any of the ridges of the Maladetas massif. We have 4 days and you can choose it or the days you have to complete one or more of the guided climbs.

Cregueña, Llosas, Salenques - storms ... are some of the options.


More info in the 974 486 422 or in

Classic guided climbing in Torla-Ordesa and the Pyrenees


November 1 (Thursday) - 4 (Sunday)


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