Company Registered in the Commercial Register

Journal: 30 165 Volume: 523 Book: 0 Folio: 206 Sheet: HU-8362 Registration: 1

As required by current legislation, Cía Guía del Pirineo has a professional civil liability insurance and accident insurance in force whose data are:

  • Insurance company: Surne
  • Policy number Civil liability: 1059619
  • Policy number Accidents: 20160720346049

PREVIOUS NOTE: in the activities carried out in nature there are a series of inherent risks that are beyond the control of the guide and that the client assumes when hiring the activity. All guides, technicians and instructors have the appropriate academic qualifications and experience for the activity they carry out as required by law. Following their instructions depends, to a great extent, on safety during the activity.

Reservations will be confirmed once the reservation amount has been received, which will be about 40% of the total price of the activity. The rest of the amount can be paid through the means provided on the website, by phone or email, directly, at the office and before the start of the activity.

From the confirmation of the reservation, the client will assume all of these General Contracting Conditions. In the event that a person registers another, he assumes in each of these General Conditions his / her name / s.

The activities are subject to the conditions of the mountain, the environment where they develop and the people involved, any that can undergo radical changes during the same (meteorology, floods, avalanches, altitude sickness, exhaustion ...). The schedules, itineraries and activities may be modified or suspended if the circumstances so advise and always under the criterion of the person in charge of the Company of Guides of Torla (from now on CGT).

The client is obliged to report possible pregnancy, injury or other illnesses that may put their health at risk. Assuming personally the possible damages that the realization of the contracted activity may cause in such cases.

The client agrees not to be under the effects of alcohol, drugs, as well as any other medication that may affect their ability to react and reflexes. If this is the case and after assessing your situation, you may be prohibited from accessing the activity, without the right to reimbursement of the total amount of the activity.

To participate in aquatic activities it is essential to know how to swim. In the technical file of each activity, the conditions and minimum ages necessary to participate are specified.

Minors must be accompanied by their legal guardian or a responsible adult; if not, they must have the signed authorization of their legal guardian.

I have been informed that the activity is directed by a qualified guide and develops within their professional competences. The guide is the one who directs the activity, having to abide by his decisions during the practice of it.


The client knows and accepts that any breach of the guide's instructions, the safety regulations, the indications made by the members of the Entity and the lack of compliance with its regulations, as well as any conduct that is valued as irresponsible or inappropriate by these, in addition to posing a risk to the physical integrity of the other participants and their own, will lead to their immediate expulsion from the Activity.

The client knows and accepts that in the practice of active tourism or adventure sports activity, as in any other sports practice, but especially in those known as "adventure sports", there are inherent risks from which damage to the environment can be derived. material used, as well as bodily injuries such as (sprains, tears, scratches, blows, bruises), in any case, exonerates Cía Guía del Pirineo from all responsibility and, by extension, any of its members or team technical.

During the development of activities, Cía Guías del Pirineo will take photographs and videos that will be its exclusive property and may use them for publicity, information and services to third parties for commercial purposes.

The client understands and accepts that neither the present or future members of Cía Guía del Pirineo, nor other persons authorized by it to participate in the activities, can be held liable in any way for any injury or material damage that may arise as a result of their participation in this activity.

This contract does NOT include the transport and / or collection of customers for the activity. When this transport is facilitated, the Cía Guias del Pirineo is exempt from any responsibility.

The commitment of Cía Guía Pirineo begins with the contracted activity, so it is the responsibility of the client both their transport to the facilities or to the place of start of the activity (except in cases where otherwise indicated) and that of the Guide if this is necessary. The contract and the responsibility of Cía affect exclusively the direct work of its Guides and the organization of the activity, not being responsible in any way for the external services that are contracted and paid directly by the client.

For activities of great commitment and difficulty, Cía Guías del Pirineo may choose to perform a practical test prior to the activity that will not be included in the rate of the activity initially contracted. The most frequent cases are in high mountain outings of considerable difficulty; Alps, expeditions, winter mountaineering ...

The necessary material is included in the price, both individually and collectively. Each technical sheet specifies the necessary equipment for each activity and program, as well as the material that the company includes in the activity.

There are advanced courses and technical activities that, due to their characteristics, the client must provide part of the necessary material (advanced courses, advanced mountaineering excursions, guided kayak trips, Alps, expeditions ... etc), the Cía undertakes to make it known before contract the activity.

The client must be responsible for the material assigned to him for the development of the activity and he must pay the total amount, if due to carelessness or negligence he damages or mislays it.

The CGT is not responsible for the loss or damage of personal objects of customers


-The prices are always per person and for the minimum group indicated in each activity. They include the services indicated by CGT in each technical sheet, as well as the 21 VAT%, except agencies and groups.

-If the minimum group is not completed, the rate will be increased; being able to rescind the contract if the increase of the same one is not of the conformity of some of the participants.

-Group discount rates they apply to groups already formed at source.

-All the packages offered are closed schedules to the activities offered; Any modification or change for any reason (bad weather, floods ...) implies that these lose the condition of pack so the services provided will be charged at the original rate price, thus canceling the discounts and offers that they include.

-Unless otherwise indicated, all services and expenses incurred and their contracting (transport reservations, accommodation, lifts, maintenance ...) are borne by the customer, although the company will facilitate the management of them.

-The prices are subject to change after the publication of the rates by CGT (elevation of expenses, taxes, ...) The CGT undertakes to communicate these changes before departure, and may terminate the contract with the right to the refund of the amount paid .

-Any activity may be canceled, modified or postponed 48 hours before its start and even before the start of the same, if in the judgment of the CGT the conditions of the area are not adequate; also if the minimum number of registrations provided by the organization is not covered and the rate for the registered group is not the compliance of any of the participants. In these cases, the client has the right to change dates or to the total refund of what was paid.

-Any modification or suspension of the activity once begun, due to causes beyond the organization, will not imply the reimbursement of any amount or the replacement of the same, so it will try to start the activity in the most favorable conditions possible.

-To avoid any foreseeable incident, the client undertakes to abide by the decisions of the professional accompanying him and to follow the safety instructions indicated by him. Any breach may result in the suspension of the activity without refund of the amount thereof.

-Any activity may be suspended without reimbursement of the amount of the same, if in the opinion of the technician responsible for the development of said activity, the client does not comply with the required physical and technical conditions, as well as if it does not comply with the necessary personal material requirements. .

-In the event that the client voluntarily, ignorance of activity, illness not justified, not being in favorable conditions ..., can not perform the activity contracted, unless otherwise indicated, will not be entitled to reimbursement of the amount of the same

- The activities may be modified under the criteria of the person responsible for The CGT for others of a similar nature if the weather, hydrological and / or meteorological conditions are adverse. Only in extreme cases, in which it is not even possible to substitute the activity for another, the amount paid for the activity will be reimbursed.

- Any decision made by the guide during the development of the activity, in relation to safety, will have to be respected by the client, otherwise the guide may cancel the activity, without the right to any refund.

-GROUPS FORMED IN ORIGIN; Regardless of how many people show up to do the activity, the CGT will charge the full amount corresponding to the number of people hired initially, unless they communicate their withdrawal with a minimum of 2 days in advance.
In the event that a person registers another person / s, he / she assumes in each of these General Conditions in his / her name / s.

-ALLINGS TO ALPS AND EXPEDITIONS; the programs in the Alps and other mountain ranges, add to the general conditions set out above that:

- The participant must be federated in the corresponding modality of their autonomous community.

- We depend more than in other areas of weather conditions to be able to carry out the programs successfully. That's why we can not ensure summit.

-The transport, both from Spain, and internal transfers for the realization of the programs, will be paid by the participant, unless otherwise indicated.

-The CGT is not responsible for management expenses and reserves cancellations for reasons beyond the organization's control; flights or other means of transport, accommodation, ... it is recommended to take out travel insurance for this purpose.



- To register for any activity it is necessary to pay the 40% of the total amount of the activity; a reservation will not be considered valid until this advance has been made effective, the CGT being fully entitled to sell the place (s).

-The rest of the payment will always be made before starting the activity.

-In cases where the start of the activity is not in our Torla facilities, the rest of the payment will be made at least 48 before the start of the same.

-If the reservation of the activity is made 48 hours before the beginning of this, the charge will be 100% of the activity price by credit card or cash payment; the card number will be requested as well as the expiration date of the card to be able to make the payment.

-The Cía Guías del Pirineo keeps the right not to reserve any activity in case of not wanting to pay that 40%.

- In case of cancellation by the client of the contracted services, the amount paid for the reservation will be returned with the following exceptions:

- If the cancellation occurs between the twenty-fourth and fourth days prior to the date set for the start of the activity, the Guides Company will have a 15% retention right on the total cost of the activity.

- If the annulment occurs between the fourth and third days prior to the start of the activity, this retention right will be 25% over the total cost of the activity.

- If the cancellation occurs between forty-eight and 24 hours before the start of the activity, the retention will be 100% on the total cost of the activity.

- In any case, said retention is considered compensation and therefore will operate, unless a cause of force majeure is proven for the annulment. The novation of the contract, that is, the date change in the activity attributable to the client and not justified as force majeure, will entail the same consideration as the annulment. Sometimes a person with collective bargaining (couple, group of friends ....) May consider that force majeure is subject to the entire group that contracted this activity. This consideration is only applicable to the person who suffers this major force (illness, family death, injury ...). The rest of the participants of said reservation would be subject to the general conditions of cancellation without right to the latter, except for the criteria of the person in charge of the Guide company.

All the information that appears on our website; reports, photographs, reviews, stories ..., is simply informative. It is not inducement of the decision to perform adventure sports or risk to any person on their own. We remind that these sports must be done under the supervision of a professional or by people with proven experience.

-The CGT will not be responsible for carrying out activities on its own behalf of clients who have carried out any activity or training course with CGT.

From the confirmation of the reservation, the client will assume all of these general conditions which in turn are valid as CONTRACT.