In the Company Guides of Torla we have been working for more than 10 years and guiding in different mountainous mountain rangesbeing the Pyrenees and in particular the Ordesa National Park and its area of ​​influence, our natural habitat.

We are Mountain Guides, we like the mountains and we like to guide all those who trust us to make a dream come true.

We organize all kinds of mountain activities, from the simplest hiking routes in the Pyrenees to the most spectacular climbs of the Alps, passing through our annual trips to one of the impressive massifs of the 5 continents.

Guided tours guided by torla ordesa

We propose you:

4x4 routes tozal of the commas

Routes 4x4

The possibility of being able to make approaches to privileged places in off-road vehicles, to admire the most incredible corners of the park.

Hiking Guias de Torla Ordesa in Pineta


Simple excursions, with little difficulty or technical difficulties, in the Ordesa y Monte Perdido National Park and around Torla.

Vias Ferratas Guias de Torla Ordesa

Via Ferratas

The via ferratas are both horizontal and vertical itineraries equipped with different materials; handrails, staples, suspension bridges ...

guided tours guided by torla ordesa

Ascents in Summer

Guided ascents in Ordesa and the Pyrenees. Each mountainous massif always has a higher point or main peak.


Technical Ascents

There are several peaks in the Pyrenees that, even in summer, require the use of rope or other technical material in a large part of their ascension.



We can guide you in the spectacular ways of the walls of the Pirinéo and Riglos, as well as we can cross its fantastic edges to mythical peaks.


The Alps

The Torla Guides Company has been moving for many years to the cradle of mountaineering in small groups, to the Alps.