The approach to this TORLA SECTOR we make it with our 4 × 4 vehicles by the so-called track the Cebollar. Since we left the town of Torla-Ordesa, we begin to gain height, seeing as we pass the lush forest, shelter of countless animals such as roe deer, wild boar, woodpecker, goshawk, ..., until an area already cleared of mountain pastures, where cows live with marmots up to the 1900mts and from where we can observe the majestic MOUNT LOST with its 3.355 meters and three thousand more in the area.

The link between the different routes is the TOZAL DEL CEBOLLAR. This enclave has been and is used as a feeder for the recovery of the emblematic bird of NATIONAL PARK OF ORDESA AND MONTE PERDIDO: the QUEBRANTA BUESOS.

routes 4x4 tozal of the onion in torla

We propose you:

Tozal del Cebollar

Level: Easy The Tozal del Cebollar is located on the town Torla-Ordesa

Tozal de las Comas

Medium level. Observe the Pyrenees with vulture eyes and enjoy the scenery.

Bridge of the Navarros

Level: Difficult Enjoy the landscape and its flora and fauna.