Leaving aside the Winter Ascents, North Faces, Corridors, Crests ...; there are several peaks of the Pyrenees that, even in summer, require the use of rope or other technical material in a large part of their ascension, which makes us reduce the ratios of participants. In the Compañía Guías de Torla-Ordesa we call them TECHNICAL ASCENSIONS IN THE ESTIVAL EPOCH.

We present a small list of the many possibilities that the Pyrenean Mountain Range gives us. We offer you our services for whatever your "top".

We propose you:

Ascent to Balaitus

Technical ascension to Balaitus in two days

Feel the natural purity ascending one of the highest peaks of the Pyrenees.

Ascent 3000 chains technical in three days

Test your endurance with this awesome adventure.
Position marker

Technical ascent to the Great Façade in the day

Enjoy the cliffs of this beautiful summit and admire the immensity of its views.
midi by ossau

Technical ascent to Midi d'Ossau in the day

Fall in love with the panoramic view of the whole Pyrenees with the views of this summit.
ramond soum

Technical ascent to the Soum de Ramond in the day

Discover the secrets of the Pyrenees in one of the great peaks of Monte Perdido.