Come enjoy the Pineta Valley and practice the guided hiking by any of the small paths that we will find in this canyon eroded by the old glaciers from the Monte Perdido who have sculpted these impressive walls of almost 2000mts. The magnitude and dimensions of these will make us understand how small we are surrounded by some of the summits of more than 3000mts. of the National Park and Point of the Waves, Monte Perdido, Soum de Ramond, les Baudrimonts, ...

The Cascade of the Birth of the Cinca River that flows from the Balcony of Pineta, and many other ravines and waterfalls that precipitate from the walls of these colossi, will make us enjoy a wonderful amphitheater of rock walls and water.

Guided hiking pineta valley

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Valley of La Larri

Enjoy the landscapes and nature in the Pineta Valley.