Guided climbing

Guided climbing in the Pyrenees can be done in modalities such as; sport climbing with a guide or classical guided climbing. We have guided climbing excursions or climbing courses in the Pyrenees.

From Torla-Ordesa guides we propose some options but everything can be adapted to the needs of each climber to learn to progress safely in short and long routes with autonomy and self protection. We have guided climbing in very affordable grades and for all audiences. Start climbing on tracks III to finish enjoying grade V with comfort.

Do not you have a rope companion? Do you need to feel the "vertigo" of the large walls again? ... In Guias de Torla we will make that illusion a reality; El Tozal del Mallo, Gallinero, Riglos, Montrebei, Terradest ... ASK US.

We have 6 sports climbing schools around Torla-Ordesa where we can develop our guided climbing course will open a new dimension. The guided climbing in Ordesa will discover you one of the most missed destinations for climbers in the Pyrenees, its large walls and spectacular surroundings make it one of the best locations for this sport. Enjoy a guided classical climbing course with us.

You can start on short routes to end up climbing routes such as: the Ravier to the Tozal del Mallo of 360 mts and V + of max. The Southeast Classic of the Midi of Ossau with 400 mts and V + of difficulty max. The Classic to the Pique Longue, 800 mts and V of difficulty and numerous classics in Picos de Europa, Pallars, Puig Campana, Ponoig ...

Classic guided climbing in Torla-Ordesa and the Pyrenees
Pico Posets

Walls: rock climbing, big classics


Guided sports climbing

Learn to climb with a guide on sport rock walls with safety and autonomy

Classic guided climbing in Torla-Ordesa and the Pyrenees

Classic guided climbing

Learn to enjoy classic climbing with a guide.

Rock climbing courses in Pirineos, Torla-Ordesa

Climbing courses

With our rock climbing courses you will learn to scale more and better.