Rock Climbing Courses

We develop our rock climbing courses in any school on the peninsula. We are nomads and just like we travel to any mountain in the world, we travel to any place where we are required to learn or teach. We have courses of several days, with 2 being the most popular. Due to their density, we recommend 3 or 4 days.

For those who are looking for something very specific or are saturated with too much information, we have rock monographs.


Climbing Initiation Course

Learn to rock climbing safely and autonomously. We have courses located near the big capitals

Introductory course to rock climbing

Rock climbing improvement course

Climbing more efficiently will help you chain higher grade

Rock climbing courses in Pirineos, Torla-Ordesa

Classical climbing course

Learn to climb unequipped multi-pitch routes.
We adapt the course to your area.

climbing course equipped routes of various lengths

Course of equipped tracks of various lengths

Climb high and safe with our long-gauge course. The entire peninsula.

course of edges and ridges

Edges and Crests Course

It takes place in the Pyrenees and any other peninsular area. Guides of Torla-Ordesa moves to the best hot rock.

self-rescue course in Wall

Self-rescue course on wall

Intensive self-rescue course so that you can prevent and solve complicated situations.