The via ferratas are both horizontal and vertical itineraries equipped with different materials; handrails, staples, suspension bridges ... that allow to reach safely areas of difficult access to people not accustomed to climbing. 

Security is provided by a steel cable or lifeline that runs through the entire facility; with a dissipating anchor baga we will progress safely. Enjoy this activity with Torla Guides with the greatest security. It is an exciting mountain activity where groups of friends or families can participate; There are different levels that make them suitable for both children and adults.

In The Company Guides of Torla we differentiate the ferrata routes in 3 levels, low, medium and high, depending on the length of the same, the type of steps that we are going to find, the height reached ...

vias ferratas guided the Pyrenees


via ferrata elves of the sorrosal level 1

Easy Level

These ferrata initiation routes are ideal for families with younger children of 10 years, with little air atmosphere.

via ferrata medium level sorrosal

Medium level

Via ferrata suitable for all audiences, both for those who want to start in this activity and for those who have already done on other occasions.

vias ferratas high level foradada

High level

Via ferrata suitable for people with a more adventurous spirit; of longer duration, more exposed and vertical and with collapsed areas.