The origin of the kayak is Eskimo, more specifically Inuit and with an age of at least 4000 years, was originally conceived as a one-person boat consisting of a wooden frame covered with skins.

The word "Kayak" would mean "man-boat" or "piece of floating wood" since it was built to the measure of the paddler, as a boat to go fishing or hunting.

At present we have boats of many types, more sophisticated and specific for each type of descent or use. We invite you to delve into this exciting modality of whitewater through our baptisms of initiation, courses and guided descents for all levels.

Guided Kayak Descent in Ordesa

We propose you:

Open Kayak river Gállego

Rafting is an ideal activity to start the little ones.
Guided Kayak Descent in Ordesa

Guided Kayak Descent

Meet the most interesting rivers of the Pyrenees, accompanied by one of our guides.