Have the possibility to navigate the only "virgin" river (without damming in any of its sections) of the Pyrenees. From the summits of the Ordesa and Monte Perdido National Park and the Bujaruelo Valley, the water contributions to this impressive mountain river come down.

For all lovers of whitewater, the section between the towns of Torla and Broto, is the most exciting and beautiful of all the rivers that can descend in raft of the Peninsula. Wild, very pointed and with a steep slope; It is without doubt one of the highlights of our environment.

We will take advantage of the waters of the spring thaw to be able to hear it roar from its entrails. 2 months that will give way to its summer and winter lethargy until the following season.

Rafting Torla-Ordesa

We propose you:

The section from Torla to Broto is only suitable for people older than 18, in an acceptable physical and swimming swimming technique. Consult Family Rafting, for the little ones.

Rafting Ara River

Rafting on the Ara River, the only virgin river in the Aragonese Pyrenees.

Ara River Rafting Class V

Until today the most powerful stretch of rafting in southern Europe.
Canoes on the river Ara in Ordesa

Canoas River Ara

In the section between Jánovas and Boltaña is where we will make the descent in canoes.
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Hidrospeed Ara River

Suitable only for people with enough experience in this sport.
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Family Rafting Ara River

Family rafting on the Ara River (Jánovas), ideal activity for the kids.