The National Park of Ordesa and Monte Perdido and its surroundings offer its visitors an infinity of routes of greater or lesser importance, to be able to admire all its splendor and to fill all our senses. Below we present you guided hiking routes with the support of 4 × 4 to areas of restricted access from where we will start the guided routes.

The options we present here are not the only ones, but if they are without a doubt, a selection of the best and most recommended for its incredible landscape beauty and the idea that we are going to take this wonderful place. One of ours guides will accompany us and interpret the landscape, peaks, geology, fauna, botany, history, customs of the place..., during the course of the excursion.

The possibility of being able to make approaches to privileged places with off-road vehicle, to then walk and admire from the heights the most incredible corners of the National Park, make these excursions beautiful gifts for our senses.

We will classify the different routes by difficulty in a simple color code, green (easy level), orange (middle level) and Red (high level) and at the same time we will classify them by sectors.

4x4 routes tozal of the commas

Places where to do it:


Viewpoints of Ordesa

The approach to this TORLA SECTOR is made with our vehicles 4x4 by the track called the Cebollar.


Routes 4x4 Bujaruelo Valley

From the town of Torla-Ordesa, we left with the 4 × 4 vehicles until the Puente de los Navarros, from where we entered the spectacular valley of Bujaruelo canyon.