Mountaineering and safety courses are part of our mountain training section.

We intend that being a nature walker or base hiker you can progress towards medium and high mountain routes of low technical difficulty at any time of the year.

There are winter mountaineering courses, orientation workshops, bivouac workshops, avalanche courses ... and much more.

Mountaineering courses can be developed in any mountainous location where we find the minimum ingredients for their development. In Madrid and the Sierra de Guadarrama they enjoy great acceptance, we will have to be attentive to the variable snow conditions in the case of certain curious.

There are many other locations where we develop our courses such as Sierra de Gredos, Valle de Benasque, Catalan Pyrenees and Navarrese Pyrenees.

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Winter mountaineering and safety courses

Guadarrama in Madrid, Gredos, Pyrenees or any other mountain range in good condition.

rope use course

Basic rope and safety course

In the mountains sometimes it is necessary to use rope to secure a step.

classic climbing course

Bivouac and safety course

Camping in the mountains is a unique experience. Do it safely!