freeride course

We usually carry out the freeride course day in the ski resort that, at the time of coming, has the best snow conditions, Panticosa, Formigal, Piau Engaly….

In descent we will develop all the existing techniques and correct the mistakes made by each of you that do not allow you to apply the technique well. Before starting with the practical part, we would stay in a cafeteria in the area to show you a small powerpoint to prevent avalanches and draw suitable lines in descent. This would take us 30 min. Then we would go on to conduct a search for victims of avalanche with the ARVA, the PALA AND the PROBE and then start skiing.

We will be attentive to the snowfall to give you long teeth. You can join us on this panoramic view from Pic du Midi de Bigorre to 2877m.

Remember that this course will sooner or later take you, if you are not already, to a wonderful sport. called mountain skiing.

freeride course


Virgin snow requires the application of specific downward turning techniques. The powder snow, the crust, the icy snow and the spring snow, pose to the skier a specific transition in each movement to get to enjoy a pleasant descent, with self-control over all the elements that are involved in this activity.


  • We will learn to descend through high mountain terrain. The avalanches and the different slopes of the mountain, keep secrets that we must try to know and understand to safely practice this exciting sport.

From 4 people to 6 people maximum. There is a fee for a personalized course (1 or 2 people) to consult.

  • Qualified guide.
  • Individual material if necessary in the course of 2 days (Harness, helmet, crampons, Piolet).
  • Collective and safety equipment (first aid kit, means of communication, map, compass, GPS… ..).
  • Accident and civil liability insurance.
  • It is guaranteed that the group will be reduced for good use and use of the course.
  • Photo report of the activity.
  • Ski resort pass.
  • Ski clothing
  • Glasses: Category three or four for sun and ski goggles.
  • Backpack: A backpack between 30 to 40 liters for the course of 2 days, for that of 1 day with one of sufficient 25lts.
  • Specific material: Headlamp, hiking boots, ski skis, poles, ARVA, shovel and Probe or in the case of taking the 1 course only day you can rent specific freeride skis (POSSIBILITY OF RENT WITH 30% discount).
  • Food: Picnic type consisting of snack, nuts, fruit and some energy bar, chocolate is a good companion.
  • Hydration: Recommended 1 1/2 liters per person. A thermos for hot drink is very useful.
  • Improvement of descent techniques applied to the environment. Specific "freeride" techniques; driven turn, flexion-extension turn, use of the stick, jump turn, curve phases ...
  •  Planning of the descents in mountain.
  • Identification and cataloging of objective hazards.
  • Specific equipment and material: handling, maintenance and repair.
  • We will deepen knowledge of the environment and risk prevention; action in case of avalanche.
  • Reading of the terrain of descent and fractioned methods.
  • Advanced Nivology: the metamorphosis of the elements.
  • Self-arrest techniques with skis.
  • All those techniques for descent of moderate and strong slopes.
  • Clothing suitable for the cold: thermal clothing, warm clothes, waterproof jacket, pants, gloves, hat…
  • Complete ski touring equipment: boots, skis, poles. (Rental)
  • Backpack, at least 30 liters
  • Canteen
  • Wall
  • Sunglasses and protective cream
  • Mountain or Track Ski Helmet.
  • Complete equipment of shovel, ARVA and probe. (Rent)
  • IMPORTANT: Thermos with hot drink
freeride course
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