Our central office is located in Torla, the natural entrance and last town that gives access to the Ordesa and Bujaruelo Valleys, in the heart of the Pyrenees. The Pyrenees have graced Torla and its surroundings with spectacular nature. Lush rivers, beautiful waterfalls, lush forests…. everything accompanies!

Far from offering a mere guide service, we seek with great care the maximum satisfaction in all our services.


The Company of Guides dates from the year 2000, founded by Alain Andrés, Superior Sports Technician in Alta Montaña- UIAGM.

All of us treasure a great experience in the activities we develop. We have completed the experience and our passion for these activities with the existing studies. These studies are approved by the Ministry of Education.

Our guides are CERTIFIED with the highest existing qualification in each subject they develop: Sports Technicians in Aguas Bravas, Media Montaña, Alta Montaña and Ravines.

We hope we can satisfy your concerns as we have done in the last decade. We are waiting for you, ready to accompany you wherever you want.

The BOA. of the 17 / 5 / 02, it regulated the autonomous sports teachings in sports and delimited the degree required both at the job level and at the teaching level to develop professional activities in the sports field.
ALL our Guides they are titled in their corresponding modality.
TA - HU 21 It is our registration registration that certifies our quality.
Tourist Commitment Tourism Quality Seal endorses us.
CE All our material is approved.

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